I recently announced on Twitter my love for Rusks. Yes, the biscuits. And yes, the biscuits which are for babies. They are so good, and dangerously moreish!
​Now not only did I admit this, but some other parents came out of the Twittersphere admitting the same thing, and I realised I’m not alone in my weird love for baby treats!…
So I wanted to delve in a little deeper and investigate what treats we buy our “children”, and by children I’m obviously referring to our adult selves (but shhh, don’t tell anyone!)
“I loved chocolate baby pudding. And angel delight. And Pom bears. I totally buy those for the kids….”  Rachel at Coffee, Cake, Kids
“Banana wafers from the Kiddylicious range. They’re so more’ish!” Nadine at Then I Became Mum
“Pombears! Can’t resist the texture. Annoyingly, the kids have gone off them so now it’s pretty obvious that I’m buying them for me.” Josie at Business for Mums
“Sweets in general. I always buy my daughter the 3 packs for £1 in the supermarkets and she never sees them again because I eat them while cooking dinner.” Amy at Amy & Tots
“I can’t help nibbling Organix snacks, particularly the banana rice cakes (lovely with peanut butter on!) and carrot sticks!” Gemma at Two Little Misters
“Chicken dippers. I cremate them in the oven so they are outrageously crispy and all the chicken inside is just dust… then I dip them in hummus” Samantha at Porridge and Parenting
“Milky Bars & those little bags of Cadbury’s chocolate animals I can’t resist, the poor kids don’t get a look in!” Angela at Adventures in Websterland
“Chocolate buttons. Oooh an Easter eggs!!!” Laura at Mum on a Mission
“Fromage frais. Spoon for baby, spoon for me. YUM.” Holly at Little Pickles Mom
“The goodies sweetcorn crisps!” Rose at Bell and Bear
“I sometimes secretly wish he doesn’t finish his food so I can eat it 😂😂😂 eating every 3 hours rocks! I am very partial to the baby crisps” Claire at The Happy Weaner
“Any of the Kiddilicious range, I love their blueberry and banana wafers and their smoothie melts are divine!” Louise at Mummy Miller
“I buy Heinz Biscottis for my son but there’s never any left for him. I can’t help it! They’re so yummy!” Hollie at ThriftyMum
“Milky way crispy rolls 😍😍😍 I honestly can’t stop myself” Katie at REOLife
“Those mini kinder chocolate bars…. ohhh sooooo goood!” Care at Care Johnson
“Ready Brek! They are grown up now and they never even liked it much but I love it!” Sally at Teddy Bears and Cardigans
“Wotsits, chocolate buttons, mango slices too!” Lianne at Mrs Mummy Harris
“Ooh I’m a massive rusk fan. But I don’t give them to the boys I keep them for myself 😂 The Heinz baby biscuits are also little slices of deliciousness. Nom.” Laura at Life with Baby Kicks
“Yo Yo Bears are so good! You get two in a pack so I always end up ‘helping’ my youngest with the second!” Emily at Emily and Indiana
“The barney bear biscuits ” Amy at The Smallest of Things
AND my absolute favourite, we’re all thinking of food but not Ann, Ann wins at life LOL…
“The trampoline!!” Ann at Rainbows are too Beautiful
Hahaha!! There, that made me feel so much better for my love for Rusks!
Thinking about it, I also love the milky bar desert pots..oh my goodness!
Any you think we’ve missed out?
A x

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