We love arts and crafts in this house, and my boys absolutely love to get messy whilst they create their masterpieces! Painting, sticking, drawing and moulding are all regular activities in our house, so when The Creation Station contacted me to see if we’d like to trial one of their classes, with the bonus of no tidying up (!) I couldn’t help but say yes!
The Creation Station run award winning arts and crafts sessions and events throughout the UK, and are passionate about nurturing creativity…
As my boys are aged 1 and 3, we were invited to join one of Creation Station’s Little Explorer classes in Eastbourne. These classes are suited from 15 months in age up to 5 years old, but if you have a younger child they also run Baby Discover classes for little ones aged 5 months to 14 months.
​The Eastbourne classes are run by Alex, who was more than lovely when I turned up 5 minutes late to the class slightly dishevelled, with both boys and my mum in tow (for moral support!). I was mortified at not being there on time and you’d think after a year I would finally be able to get both boys up, dressed, fed and out the door by 9:30am but it was one of those mornings where shoes were refused to be put on, coats were taken on and off and the car keys could not be found.
Anyway, I digress. A very smiley Alex came over to us to fill us in on what we had missed and the structure to the beginning of the group, where they sing their welcome song and explore a box of toys related to the week’s theme. The theme for the week was of course Valentine’s day, and the colour pink!
After the pink toys were explored, the fast-paced 50 minutes of arts and crafts fun continued. The boys were both handed their very stylish and practical red Creation Station overalls, and Alex clearly explained that we’d start by making Valentine’s bags and later in the session, clay hearts. Cruise (1) was eager to get straight in with the painting of the bags, and enjoyed taking it in turns with the selection of tools he could use. I loved that Alex had put out cookie cutter hearts which could be used to make prints, something which I’d have never thought to use at home!
It took Clark (3) a little while longer to get settled (nothing to do with the group but very shy!) and after a few tears he was happily painting. I wouldn’t usually mention the tears, but sometimes when your child isn’t joining in you feel like the person running the class is completely judging you, but at no point did Alex bat an eyelid, which I really appreciated.
Whilst the painted bags were drying, we switched activities and started with the clay hearts. Both boys loved feeling the texture of the clay (something I’ve never bought!) and enjoyed using the different patterned rolling pins and cutters. These were then decorated with a variety of colourful, heart and round shaped buttons, each squidged into the clay which made it even more fun – There were lots of smiles round the table!
​Next on the agenda was bead threading the bag handles, gluing the bags together and cutting a heart shape. At this point Cruise (1) had trailed back off to the box of toys, but there was no pressure from Alex for him to continue joining in (Phew!). Once everyone had finished it was back in a circle for a quick sing song and biscuit, whilst all the children showed off their creations..plus with Valentine’s Day each child was given a heart shaped chocolate to give to their ’Valentine’, though I didn’t get a look in at this, Clark had consumed it on the way back to me!​Throughout the session there was plenty of encouragement and support from Alex towards each child, something which you could really see the children loved to hear. Overall, a fantastic class and one that I’d highly recommend. If you’re looking for a class where you can bond with your child, sit and take the time to watch them develop their creativity whilst getting messy, then Creation Station is definitely for you! Plus, no tidying up involved! I’ll be back once Cruise is a little older and can sit on his bottom for longer than 5 minutes!
If you’re an Eastbourne Mum, Alex has two Creation Station family events coming up, one for Mother’s Day and one for Easter so make sure you check out her The Creation Station Eastbourne Facebook page for details.
Creation Station offer weekly term-time classes where you can book in weekly blocks, or pay as you go. Click here to find your local Creation Station – You won’t regret it!
Thank you to The Creation Station for providing us with one session in return for an honest review.

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