Baby bed

One of the things you need to do to prepare your baby  for birth  is to arrange space for your baby. Most babies will share a room with  their parents , but creating a separate space for the baby is also a good idea. For families with better conditions, it is possible to arrange for a separate room for the baby. These issues mainly depend on the conditions and circumstances of each family. You can refer to the following information to make the decision that is best for you.

Although many families arrange for their baby a separate room, they still let the baby sleep in the same room with parents. This is also considered the safest way for babies in the first 6 to 12 months of life. Parents often choose to put their baby’s crib / crib next to the bed to be able to be close to the baby and also to see the baby more easily. After 12 months of age, many parents will begin to practice their baby sleeping in a different room or a separate space.

Choose between a pram and a crib

This depends on your personal preference. Baby stroller takes up less area, easy to move and creates a more cozy space for children; however, only suitable for children  newborn  to several months. Meanwhile, the crib (or crib) can be used for a long time, thus avoiding having to move the baby’s sleeping space. Most people in Vietnam will choose a crib for the baby. Whichever you choose, safety is a top priority, especially when you buy it back or be transferred by someone you know.

Many mothers have a hobby of decorating their baby’s space, especially girls. However, be careful when using ribbons, placing too many items in the crib, or hanging toys. This can be dangerous for your baby, especially a toddler. Cribs or trolleys with wheels need to pay attention to the wheel lock mode.

Should you wrap your baby to sleep?

 There is much debate over whether to wrap your baby tightly while sleeping. Wrapping your baby can help your baby sleep better, avoid startling. There are many ways to wrap the baby, depending on each age because the older the baby, the more he or she doesn’t like being wrapped, but let the limbs work freely. For example, for a baby from 3 to 6 months old, you only need to use a thin towel or blanket to wrap the baby’s waist down. wrap.

There are many babies who will not like being attached like that. So, the babies will try everything to get out no matter how well you wrap them. In such cases, you should not force your baby. Remember, the purpose of wrapping your baby is to help your baby sleep well, not to upset him. Instead, try other methods, like blocking your baby’s blanket while sleeping. This will help your baby sleep well without feeling frustrated. Another method is to use a sleeping bag for your baby. Make sure you buy the right size for your baby. Sleeping bags are also very suitable for use in winter because they can keep warm very well.

Ways to help your baby sleep soundly and safely

  • Don’t let your baby lie on his stomach or on his side while sleeping, but let the baby lie on his back.
  • Note not to let anything cover the baby’s face. Don’t leave blankets, pillows or soft toys in the crib.
  • Do not expose your baby to cigarette smoke.
  • Make sure the crib, cushions and related items are safe.
  • For the first 6 to 12 months, let your baby sleep separately in the crib and put the crib next to your bed.

Share a bed with your baby

Many families let babies sleep in the same bed with their parents. This makes it easier for the mother  to breastfeed  , as well as observing or comforting the baby to sleep more smoothly. Experts believe that babies who sleep with their parents can be safer because they keep an eye on their baby. You should note that you should not let your baby sleep on his stomach or on his body while sleeping!

If you choose to sleep with your baby, please pay attention to baby safety and the following issues:

  • Absolutely do not let anything cover the baby’s face as it can lead to suffocation.
  • Do not let your baby sleep with other babies.
  • If parents smoke or drink alcohol, or are overweight, they should not sleep with their baby.
  • Beds need to be safe and secure, and the mattress should be tight to prevent babies from falling and getting their hands or feet caught. You should not use air cushions, water mattresses, foam pillows and should not sleep with your baby on the sofa.
  • Be careful to prevent your baby from falling to bed or getting caught between parents, especially when parents are too fat or sleeping too hard. Even if you put the bed close to the wall, you should pay attention because the baby can still be stuck between the wall and the bed.
  • Put the baby on the side of the parent, not between the two.