What Does a Humidifier Do for Babies?

Actually, buying the best quality of humidifier for your baby is more essential, particularly if your baby has a cold, flu and allergies. According to the statistics, the babies suffer from cold and flu as well as upper respiratory infections minimum six to eight times per year. This is why; the humidifier for baby comes in handy. These humidifiers can also enhance the moisture content in the air that in revolve assists to lessen the blockage as well as any other symptoms, which are related to respiratory tract infections. So, you will need to decide which humidifier will be the […]

How to Apply Diaper Rash Cream

Improving the overall health of a baby is one of the challenging tasks for all parents. If you are a new parent and thinking about how to take care of your baby, then you have to focus on some important things. For example, you can concentrate on how to buy and apply the diaper cream specially designed to heal rash and its related problems on the smooth and soft skin of the baby. It is the right time to identify best diaper rash cream for sensitive skin of the baby who suffers from the diaper rash and its related health […]

Ssshh! Don’t tell the kids! 20+ things we buy for our children which are secretly for us!

I recently announced on Twitter my love for Rusks. Yes, the biscuits. And yes, the biscuits which are for babies. They are so good, and dangerously moreish! ​Now not only did I admit this, but some other parents came out of the Twittersphere admitting the same thing, and I realised I’m not alone in my weird love for baby treats!… So I wanted to delve in a little deeper and investigate what treats we buy our “children”, and by children I’m obviously referring to our adult selves (but shhh, don’t tell anyone!) “I loved chocolate baby pudding. And angel delight. […]

Review: The Creation Station, Eastbourne

We love arts and crafts in this house, and my boys absolutely love to get messy whilst they create their masterpieces! Painting, sticking, drawing and moulding are all regular activities in our house, so when The Creation Station contacted me to see if we’d like to trial one of their classes, with the bonus of no tidying up (!) I couldn’t help but say yes! The Creation Station run award winning arts and crafts sessions and events throughout the UK, and are passionate about nurturing creativity… As my boys are aged 1 and 3, we were invited to join one of […]

Review: KidloLand Toddler and Pre-School App

Clark is now at the age (2 soon to be 3!) where he is already aware of the amount of time people spend on electronic devices. After all he sits and watches me on my phone whilst I’m having a cup of tea, Nana googling recipes, Daddy playing games and his cousins checking social media on their phones, so I knew the day would come when he would ask for an iPad. I always thought I’d be one of these mums who would be able to keep him uninterested in one, but in a society where both adults and children […]